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Allcopy Publishers’ Credo

With the Educators, for the Educators

Allcopy Publishers was formed in 1996, by an Educator, with the express purpose of creating and sustaining products and services to assist all other Educators with the successful implementation and continued demands of the current curriculum.

We believe that our first responsibility is to the educators whose abilities and resources determine the success of the education system in South Africa. Our products must offer them the content and guidance to educate the learners at the highest level. The products must be produced at the best possible price. Our direct sales team must ensure up to date knowledge of educators requirements and prompt delivery of orders.

Our second responsibility is to the learners who are the future of our country. In all our publications we must strive for a level of material to prepare them for a solid foundation of learning. We must remain very aware of the price of education and must not encourage additional costs in the process of delivery to schools for learning material if at the ultimate financial expense of the Learners.

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about ACP

Our third responsibility is to our authors who share our mission to further the highest level of education. Our commitment to our authors is to ensure that their material is presented in the most professional form to all educators within our reach nationally on a continued basis and all relevant feedback communicated to them. The Mind Action Series must only include the work of authors who share in our purpose to continually uplift and assist educators and learners. These publications must be the most sought after in the market.

Our fourth responsibility is to all those who work with us – our management, factory, administration and sales staff. As we all work towards common goals they must be recognized as individuals with their own unique contributions to Allcopy Publishers and there must be a fair system for suggestions and complaints. There must be opportunity for personal and professional advancement and they must be continually encouraged to do so. Any persons draining the company’s resources due to non-productivity must be quickly and fairly terminated. Our managers must be people of integrity, honesty, ability, experience and education, able to lead their co-workers to Allcopy’s common purpose with fairness and common sense.

Our fifth responsibility is to the financial well being of our company. Allcopy Publishers must be a profitable business. Cash reserves must be created to sustain the seasonality of our market. Adverse trading conditions must be provided for and mistakes paid for. New equipment must be purchased and new products launched. We must continually develop new sales strategies and research new products. We must not be afraid to chase adventurous goals and explore new frontiers. We must continually strive not to be the biggest publishing company in South Africa, but the best. All our actions as a company will be to the express purpose of fulfilling our responsibilities and obligations.

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