EnQ Practice introduces Entrepreneurial Intelligence (EnQ) training for school learners with Sandy Geyer and the Path of the Lion

Who is EnQPractice?

EnQPractice was founded in 2012 by Sandy Geyer, (Educational Publisher, Author, International Speaker and Business Leader) with the purpose of training business leaders
and future business leaders to develop their Entrepreneurial Intelligence (EnQ).

What is Entrepreneurial Intelligence? (EnQ)

EnQ, a focus and awareness intelligence, is developed by following the Path of the Lion which is available through many resources and training formats. EnQPractice currently offers Entrepreneurial Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence Zealand, to schools in New Zealand, South Africa and Australia.

Why is EnQ needed?

Over 80% of entrepreneurs worldwide currently fall into the “failing slowly” category. 9 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start eventually give up altogether. From her own experiences and learning, Sandy believes that earlier development of entrepreneurial thinking will assist many more of our future business leaders to succeed.

How is this training offered to school learners?

We offer 2 training options which have proven most practical and affordable for schools.
Option 1: 4 x 5 hour workshops ( 4 half days) Option 2: 2 x 7 hour workshops (2 full days) Either of these options can be fitted around a school day, a weekend or during school holidays.
The course is offered to any grade in High School. Due to the value of the learning, many schools are placing the training at the grade level before subject choices take place. Other schools prefer to offer the course only to Business Studies or Economics related learners in the higher grades. All workshops are delivered by our highly qualified EnQ facilitators who will discuss how best to facilitate the workshops to suit your school curriculum, budget and time constraints. To run the training at your school we need a minimum of 50 learners. In cases where schools have limited numbers interested, we can work with you to combine with other local schools to fill up a workshop.

Is Sandy Geyer qualified to offer this training?

Sandy is the founder and CEO of 2 successful companies and 2 training practices. Her formal training in Industrial Psychology, together with her 20 years of experience in
educational publishing, business leadership and mentoring has combined to develop this highly effective, popular and proven programme. She travels frequently between
New Zealand, South Africa and Australia, where she trains business leaders in Entrerpeneurial Intelligence across cultures and industries.

“We cannot become experts at what we do until we become  experts at who we are.”

Sandy Geyer


What is the cost?

The cost ranges from R800 to R1200 per learner depending on the format chosen and includes the following:

  • A hard copy of Path of the Lion upon completion of the course
  • A Young Lion Achievers Certificate upon completion of the course
  • Access to the Young Lions Membership platform for the full year with additional resources, including 12 Path of the Lion webinars, 4 e-Books, downloadable worksheets and Sandy’s library of related articles
  • 12 month access to the on-line 4 EnQSpecies assessment
  • Access to a private Young Lions facebook site where learners can interact with Sandy and other learners from different countries

Do our learners have time for this?

The interactive and informative workshops have proven very manageable and beneficial to learners. There is no preparation time needed before the workshops. Site addresses
and areas of interest are given to the learners to follow up voluntarily after the workshops.

What else does EnQPractice Offer?

We offer Circles of Empowerment (Emotional Intelligence) training to both educators and learners at very affordable prices. We also offer a one day Young Lions Conference for learners in most regions. The Young Lions Conference is for those learners who are interested in gaining more understanding about themselves before making important subject and career choices. Please ask your EnQ Facilitator about these options too.

What do the other schools say?

Phrases most commonly heard from learners include “enlightening, informative, fun, insightful, valuable and relevant to all aspects of life, not just business”. Our list of referenced testimonials from learners who have attended our workshops and conferences is growing all the time. Please ask your EnQ Facilitator for the most recent list.

What do I do if I am interested?

For all areas of South Africa please
contact : Margi Hull
Cell: 084 587 0179
Email: margi@allcopypublishers.co.za