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Art / Kuns Logo for ACP ebooks Snapplify is at the forefront of edtech solutions in Africa, and specialises in enabling digital learning for individuals and institutions by establishing a marketplace for digital education content, related educational services, and devices.
Mind Action Series logo Allcopy Publishers partnered with Snapplify to make all our e-book available to purchase on the MindActionSeries.Snapplify platform.  Click on the link below to be re-directed to the store, or go to "About Us" and find our Representative for your area to purchase directly. 

Please note, all e-book variants (EPUB & PDF) can only be downloaded and viewed via the Snapplify app/reader.
For more information, please contact our Head Office.

Cover-Art-Textbook-Gr-10 NCAPS-400x566
Art Textbook NCAPS10PRINTEDART 179781869213756
Art Textbook NCAPS10ePub (1 year)ART 17 9781869217211
Art Textbook NCAPS10PDF (1 year)ART 17 9781869216368
Art Textbook NCAPS10PDF (3 year )ART 179781869219239
Art Teachers Guide NCAPS10PRINTEDART 189781869213763
Art Teachers Guide NCAPS10PDF (1 year)ART 189781776111022
Art Teachers Guide NCAPS10PDF (3 year )ART 189781776111091
Art Powerpoint Presentation CD NCAPS10CDART 219781869214111
Kuns Handboek NCAPS10PRINTEDART 199781869214098
Kuns Handboek NCAPS10ePub (1 year)ART 19 9781869217235
Kuns Handboek NCAPS10PDF (1 year)ART 19 9781869216375
Kuns Handboek NCAPS10PDF (3 year )ART 199781869219246
Kuns Onderwysersgids NCAPS10PRINTEDART 209781869214104
Kuns Onderwysersgids NCAPS10PDF (1 year)ART 209781776111039
Kuns Onderwysersgids NCAPS10PDF (3 year )ART 209781776111107
Art Textbook NCAPS 11PRINTEDART 229781869214517
Art Textbook NCAPS 11ePub (1 year)ART 22 9781869217228
Art Textbook NCAPS 11PDF (1 year)ART 22 9781869216382
Art Textbook NCAPS11PDF (3 year )ART 229781869219253
Art Powerpoint Presentation CD NCAPS11CDART 239781869214524
Kuns Handboek NCAPS 11PRINTEDART 249781869214562
Kuns Handboek NCAPS 11ePub (1 year)ART 24 9781869217242
Kuns Handboek NCAPS 11PDF (1 year)ART 24 9781869216399
Kuns Handboek NCAPS11PDF (3 year )ART 249781869219260
Art Textbook NCAPS12PRINTEDART 259781869215316
Art Textbook NCAPS 12ePub (1 year)ART 25 9781869217259
Art Textbook NCAPS 12PDF (1 year)ART 25 9781869216405
Art Textbook NCAPS12PDF (3 year )ART 259781869219277
Art Powerpoint Presentation CD NCAPS12CDART 269781869215323
Kuns Handboek NCAPS12PRINTEDART 279781869215330
Kuns Handboek NCAPS 12ePub (1 year)ART 27 9781869217266
Kuns Handboek NCAPS 12PDF (1 year)ART 27 9781869216412
Kuns Handboek NCAPS 12PDF (3 year )ART 27 9781869219284
Prices include VAT, exclude postage & packaging. Prices subject to change without prior notice / Pryse sluit BTW in, posgeld & verpakking uit. Pryse veranderbaar sonder kennisgewing. Updated: 10/02/2022

Please note, all e-book variants (EPUB & PDF) can only be downloaded and viewed via the Snapplify app/reader.
For more information, please contact our Head Office.

Prices include VAT, excludes postage and packaging. Prices can change without prior notice.
Pryse sluit BTW in, posgeld en verpakking uit. Pryse veranderbaar sonder kennisgewing.

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