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The Mind Action Series (MAS) is the brand name created for the Textbook/Workbooks around which the company, Allcopy Publishers, was created. Allcopy publishes, prints and distributes school textbooks for the current DoE syllabi as well as the IEB (private schools) syllabi. Most of our books are formatted as Textbook and Workbooks together in one book which simplifies the teaching/learning experience for both learners and educators. Learners do not require separate workbooks, and this encourages revision and interactive participation in the classroom.

Our books are up to date and CAPS compliant. The material is written and updated by highly qualified subject specialists who provide good indicators as to why their books are the best available. Ensure that you read the subject brochures as these will give you all the background that you need on the books and authors to sell them effectively.

Answer guides

The answer/teachers’ guides are mainly memos for the workbook sections of the textbook/workbook. Most of the answer guides are also available on CD discs so that the teachers can project them in the classroom when marking the work with the learners.

Printing of textbooks and deliveries

We print our titles on demand and therefore any books leaving the premises are completely up to date in terms of syllabus requirements, which translates into superior customer service. All orders need to be entered onto the database system by Thursday evenings and are then placed onto the print plan on Friday mornings, to be dispatched not more than 10 days later.

From the time that the order is placed, the customer should therefore not wait more than 2 weeks for delivery. Orders of 8 boxes or more will be delivered directly to the school or bookshop from the workshop. Reps will be forwarded the tracking numbers and are responsible for communicating these details with the school or bookshop concerned. Please ensure that the invoices are sent to Jeremy in time to be sent with the orders. All other deliveries are done directly by the rep, and the visit should be viewed as an opportunity to chat with other teachers and increase teacher networks within the school.


New diaries are marketed to the schools during the early part of the year.  The benefits of using Allcopy school diaries are numerous and include the following:

  • They are a valuable communication tool between the educators, parents and learners.
  • They encourage learners to establish good homework patterns from an early age.
  • Homework helps learners develop organisational and time-management skills, self-discipline, skills in the use of external resources, and personal responsibility for learning.
  • All the information required by the learners and parents is packaged together in one source as schools are permitted to include 18 pages of their own information in the front/back of the diary. These pages can include information unique to the school such as the Code of Conduct or details on discipline procedures, etc.
  • Schools are able to customise the full colour covers of the diaries to display the school branding and ethos.
  • Schools are able to select from templates, the diary format (as to the number of days displayed per page) that most suits their requirements.
  • In short, the Allcopy diaries are a high quality, robust product at an affordable cost.
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