Mathematical Literacy

Mind Action Series Mathematical Literacy by author Tamara Ridgway. Value-Adding Content Available For Educators For Gr 10 – 12


By author Tamara Ridgway

  1. The main aim of these textbook/workbooks is to provide both students and teachers with a textbook that is easy to navigate, offers explanations and examples of the skills required for this subject, and allows for students to practice (and then master) these skills while working through the clearly laid out exercises.

  2. These chapters have sections which explain the concept, offer examples and then exercises to accommodate the learning process. The exercises are all contexts which are relevant to students and, where possible, factually accurate. All the skills covered in this textbook easily fit within most time constraints leaving much room for both revision and extension.

  3. If educators work through this book with their students, encouraging their students to complete the exercises diligently, then the educator can be confident their students will be well prepared for especially the Final Grade 12 Examinations.

  4. Most educators lack confidence when dealing with the taxonomy of thinking levels and allocating questions to the correct level. This publication takes the challenge of dealing with that away as each question in the exercise includes the relevant taxonomy level – a huge time saving aspect.

  5. As these are workbooks, learners save valuable time by working in the book. The focus can be on answering the question not on rewriting reams of information. All the information required to answer the question is right there and can be referred to at any time. No additional books or files are necessary, which is cost effective and practical. It also makes revising for assessments more convenient.
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