Mind Action Diaries


New diaries are marketed to the schools during the early part of the year.  The benefits of using Allcopy school diaries are numerous and include the following:

  • They are a valuable communication tool between the educators, parents and learners.
  • They encourage learners to establish good homework patterns from an early age.
  • Homework helps learners develop organisational and time-management skills, self-discipline, skills in the use of external resources, and personal responsibility for learning.
  • All the information required by the learners and parents is packaged together in one source as schools are permitted to include 18 pages of their own information in the front/back of the diary. These pages can include information unique to the school such as the Code of Conduct or details on discipline procedures, etc.
  • Schools are able to customise the full colour covers of the diaries to display the school branding and ethos.
  • Schools are able to select from templates, the diary format (as to the number of days displayed per page) that most suits their requirements.
  • In short, the Allcopy diaries are a high quality, robust product at an affordable cost.
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