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Social Media Marketing
Our Social Media Marketing project currently focuses on using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and SchoolAdvisor as platforms.

The aim of the social media project is twofold:

  1. To provide educators with an opportunity to air and share their views across a range of controversial issues currently plaguing education in SA, as well as to share up to date information and useful resource material pertaining to these issues. Louise can provide you with worthwhile links and sites that are pointed out from time to time by our authors.
  2. To enable Allcopy to utilise the information and views expressed and shared on the site to craft strategies to best assist educators, and to create products and services that are in line with current demand.

To this end, we will from time to time design and release articles to be published on the above mentioned platforms that focuses primarily on the following topics:

  • The successes and failures of the submissions process.
  • Discussion of the overall standard of education in SA.
  • The increasing demand for and use of eBooks (digital learning) in schools, including costing analyses, viability, challenges, hardware required, levels of interactivity required etc.
  • Various resources intended to assist educators.

Developing the eBooks

We have all, at some stage, encountered a teenager or pre-teen with an electronic device. They spend more time interacting with their mobile devices than they do with their families. They continually amaze us as to how quickly they figure out how to do things that we haven’t a clue about. Teachers across the country are now beginning to understand and tap into this energy and new learning style in a more progressive way.

Digital education has the ability to transform the classroom, inspire a love for learning and improve academic performance by making education fun and interactive. E-Textbooks are more than just a textbook behind glass and they need to offer full colour learning, interactive animations and the ability for learners and teachers to make notes. Electronic course material means that textbooks will be more up to date and the sky is the limit in terms of improved content and functionality.

We have had many requests from schools for our textbooks in eBook format. We have decided to supply schools, interested in our books, with the titles they require in PDF format.

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