Mind Action Series Mathematics by authors Jurg Basson, Jaco Odendaal, Heilana Gouws & Lidwinia Nieuwoudt. Value-Adding Content Available For Educators For Gr 8 – 12


By authors Mark Phillips, Jurg Basson & Jaco Odendaal

The focus in these textbooks is on providing learners with crucial background knowledge and skills needed to cope with Mathematics in the higher grades. The emphasis is on the understanding of concepts which are reinforced through more than enough quality examples and exercises. Each exercise is based on given concepts at a “standard grade” level in order to ensure that learners master the basics.

At the end of each chapter, revision exercises consolidate all the concepts by providing learners with an opportunity to tackle questions of a mixed nature. These are the typical examination-type questions. The challenge questions are of a “higher grade” nature and serve to extend the learners and develop problem-solving skills. The Grade 8 and 9 publications serve to bridge the gap between the Senior Phase and FET phase.

The educator’s guide contains approaches to the teaching of the particular topic, detailed solutions to the exercises, and various assessment tasks. The publication is also available in e-book/e-pub format.


By authors Mark Phillips, Jurg Basson, Conrad Botha & Jaco Odendaal

This revised edition of the Mind Action Series Mathematics Grade 10 is suitable for both DoE and IEB
schools and is completely CAPS aligned. It contains the following exciting new features:

  • The approach to Functions is more effective and includes more examples and exercises on graph interpretation. The axes of symmetry for hyperbolas has also been included.
  • Euclidean Geometry contains more challenging questions. The reasons used for statements are aligned with the requirements of the DoE.
  • Financial Mathematics contains exercises that have realistic interest rates and population growth has been included.
  • Statistics is a major improvement and percentiles are discussed in detail. The examples and exercises are more relevant to the modern world.
  • Probability is far more learner-friendly. Teaching Venn diagrams using the methods discussed will lead to a greater understanding of the rules.
  • The chapter on Measurement is a major improvement on the original chapter.
  • The other topics (Trigonometry, Analytical Geometry, Number Patterns and Algebra) have also been improved.


By authors Jurg Basson, Jaco Odendaal, Heilana Gouws & Lidwinia Nieuwoudt

The authoring team of Mind Action Series Mathematics have started on a project of revising our textbooks to alleviate the problems previously faced by Mathematics Educators.

Content has been better structured, more up-to-date examples and exercises have been provided, chapters dealing with difficult topics have been improved and a broader range of typical exam questions has been included. The language has been kept accessible, yet Mathematically correct.

We recommend our new series to educators and learners across the country in the belief that:

  • it will help educators get through the curriculum more effectively
  • it will enable educators to teach traditionally awkward topics (such as Probability theory, Statistics, Functions and Euclidean Geometry) with greater ease
  • it will greatly reduce the need for additional notes
  • it will be easier for learners to follow
  • it will prepare learners better for examinations

We proudly present our New Mind Action Series Mathematics textbooks to each learner and educator in South Africa, certain that it will be of great benefit to all users.

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