Top Matric learner in Mathematics for 2020

Mind Action Series has caught up with Daniël (Danie) Alwyn Gouws, top Matric learner in Mathematics for 2020 who matriculated at Hermanus High School in the Western Cape and asked him some questions on his outstanding achievement.

Danie, first and foremost, on behalf of Mind Action Series Textbook Range, again huge congratulations to you on your excellent Matric results!

Q, How did you feel when you received the news that you are the Top Learner in the country in Mathematics?

Thank you for the congratulations! At first I was almost in disbelief over the news. It had gone far better than I could have anticipated. I was very excited to have passed and performed so well despite the difficulties present throughout 2020.

Q, Do you feel that the Mind Action Series Mathematics contributed to your success?

I feel that Mind Action Series Mathematics textbook was a significant contributor toward the success I achieved in my mathematics. It presented the content in a clear and easily understandable way while providing enough problems and exercises of varying difficulty to ensure that I became proficient at the work. The textbook played an especially vital role during the Lockdown as greater emphasis was placed on self-learning due to the limitations of video-lectures.

Q, From what grade have you been studying from the Mind Action Series Mathematics range?

I have been using the Mind Action Series Mathematics range since grade 9.

Q, Would you recommend that other Schools and Learners use the Mind Action Series Mathematics range to achieve the same level of success?

Yes, I would recommend the Mind Action Series Mathematics range to schools and learners. I believe that it facilitates students’ mathematics studies to turn their effort and hard work into the results they require to achieve their dreams.

Q, What is the way forward for Danie?  Are you enrolled to study further?  Which course? 

I am enrolled at Stellenbosch University and currently studying to become an electrical and electronic engineer (BEng (Electr and Electron).

Q, What is your ultimate life goal?

To live life to the fullest , to make use of every opportunity that I encounter and to be able to look back when all the ups and downs have come and gone and say that I would have done nothing differently.

Well done Danie and we wish you all the best for your studies and your career, may it be just as successful as the year 2020 was for you!

  • Mind Action Series Team
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